Who we are

At 20/20 Plumbing & Heating, Inc., we are more than a plumbing and HVAC company. We are community builders. As an industry leader in California and Nevada since 2015, we deliver reliable, state-of-the-art service to single-family, multi-family, commercial, rehabilitation and hospitality projects. Our skilled tradespeople have the training and resources to meet your most challenging plumbing and HVAC needs and complete your new construction or commercial project — on-time and in-budget. All we ask is that you BET on us!

Our mission is dedicated to providing excellence. Our vibrant culture is anchored in the principles of Building Excellence Together, which form the very essence of who we are and how we operate.

What does a BET on 20/20 look like?

Building – Building and fostering long-term relationships with our clients, partners, and employee-owners thereby ensuring stability, optimal results for each project and establishing a foundation of trust in all our interactions.

Excellence – Excellence is at the heart of everything we do. We uphold dignity in all our actions, delivering high-quality services and products that exceed expectations. Our commitment to integrity guides us in making ethical decisions, maintaining transparency, and always doing the right thing.

Together – Together we prioritize safety as our topmost concern, valuing the well-being of our team members and those we serve. We embrace teamwork, recognizing that collaboration leads to stronger solutions and shared success. We celebrate both individual and company achievements and foster an environment of respect, where diverse perspectives are valued and cherished.

When you BET on us, you join us in crafting a future marked by growth, innovation, and prosperity for all. Our partners include notable companies from local homebuilders to global hospitality brands, and we’ve earned their trust with our uncompromising standards of ethics, professionalism, and award-winning customer support. As we march forward, guided by our values of Building Excellence Together, we invite you to be a part of our journey toward a brighter and more promising tomorrow!

We are a community serving the community.

As an employee-owned company, our people are our greatest asset. Our Employee Stock Ownership Plan (ESOP) means that every 20/20 employee owner is a stakeholder in our company’s future and is committed to self-sustaining profitability.

We take care of our own by ensuring that our workers are protected by the industry’s highest safety standards. Our comprehensive in-house safety training program prevents on-the-job accidents and injuries. All new employees hired to work in a warehouse, fabrication yard and/or make visits to a construction site are required to learn about safety precautions. In early 2020, our company was recognized as the Safest Residential Plumbing Subcontractor for two years in a row in Clark County, Nevada by World Wide Safety.

Compassion guides our actions. 20/20 Plumbing & Heating is actively engaged in public construction initiatives that aim to establish affordable housing for low-income residents. Through these endeavors, we extend our expertise to support our neighbors in vulnerable communities, all while upholding the highest standards of quality.

Notably, some of our accomplishments include collaboration with SHARE Village Las Vegas, a nonprofit organization dedicated to supporting veterans and their families. Within this endeavor, we skillfully integrated high-quality plumbing systems into newly repurposed shipping containers, effectively transforming them into affordable housing for veterans. This initiative reflects our pride in serving those who have selflessly served our country. Another noteworthy achievement was in partnership with Grove Community Church. Together – 20/20, Tilden Coil, and several other contractors; built the Grove Village houses on church property. This project aimed to offer transitional shelter to Riverside’s homeless population, providing them with a stepping stone toward stability. Our founder, Tom Baker, not only supported our company’s involvement; but actively participated, rolling up his sleeves to contribute hands-on efforts to install the Plumbing and HVAC.

Across the region, our completed projects stand as testaments to our expertise, integrity, and commitment to delivering excellence in service. We take immense pride in our role in crafting safe, aesthetically pleasing residences and commercial structures within the communities where we both reside and operate.

In all our endeavors, our fundamental belief is that our collective strength is our true driving force. Through collaboration and unity, we consistently achieve our best, creating a legacy of shared success and impactful contributions.

Our many finished projects throughout the region are monuments to our expertise, integrity and service excellence. We are proud to contribute to the development of safe, beautiful dwellings and commercial structures in the communities where we live and work.

In everything we do, we believe we work best by working together. You can BET on us!