Why 20/20 Plumbing & Heating Uses Revit by Autodesk

20/20 Plumbing & Heating (20/20) is always looking for ways to increase efficiency and productivity and pass the savings on to valued customers and partners. The company’s engineering department recently started using Revit, a multidisciplinary BIM program by Autodesk, and SysQue by Trimble to design, model and  prefabricate plumbing and heating systems.

The Benefits of Revit and SysQue

Using Revit allows the 20/20 engineering team to seamlessly communicate, analyze, and share designs with internal and external stakeholders. Thanks to Revit, the 20/20 engineering team has been able to successfully transition from an AutoCAD environment to a fully Building Information Modeling (BIM) environment and incorporate industry-leading project design methods into its processes. This transition has helped reduce the time previously spent on creating custom designs and has sped up the entire process — from design and fabrication, to installation.

Revit software offers many customization options, which means 20/20 engineers don’t have to spend extra time creating custom features. In addition, the 20/20 engineering team has easy access to a great support team at Autodesk and Trimble that quickly answers questions and resolves problems. The support team has also helped 20/20 create its own custom internal database and workflow.

When using Revit with SysQue, engineers are able to accurately represent, label and keep track of real-world components used in ongoing projects. Once a design has been created, engineers can export them to a variety of documents used by other departments at 20/20. This easy export option enables each team member to understand the exact requirements of a project and eliminates confusion and miscommunication between departments.

Revit and SysQue allows the 20/20 team to optimize, plan, fabricate and build plumbing and heating systems at the lowest possible cost, without sacrificing quality. By reducing errors, Revit helps keep every project on schedule and within budget, and ensures clients’ complete satisfaction. 

The Bottom Line

20/20 takes quality very seriously, and Revit along with SysQue plays an instrumental role in the company’s quality assurance program. Investing into industry leading software empowers 20/20 to use the latest technology and deliver unparalleled results — because our customers and partners expect nothing short of exceptional.