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How 20/20 Plumbing & Heating Supports Affordable Housing Initiatives

20/20 Plumbing & Heating (20/20) frequently works on public construction projects, helping to create affordable housing units for low-income residents. The company has extensive experience providing plumbing and heating services to a variety of government-funded projects.

Measure HHH

The Homeless Reduction and Prevention, Housing and Facilities Bond is valued at $1.2 billion and is dedicated to constructing 8,000 to 10,000 units of safe, clean and affordable housing for the homeless and other vulnerable individuals, including battered women and their children, veterans, seniors, the disabled and foster youth. Under this measure, property owners would pay an average of $9.64 per assessed $100,000 value.

Measure JJJ

Measure JJJ, which was approved in November 2016 by City of Los Angeles voters, added provisions to the municipal code requiring developers requesting certain entitlements for residential projects to either provide affordable units or pay an in-lieu fee. Measure JJJ also called for the creation of a program to further incentivize affordable housing near transit.


TOD stands for Transit Oriented Development and is defined as “walkable, moderate to high density development served by frequent transit with a mix of housing, retail and employment choices designed to allow people to live and work without need of a personal automobile.”

Local Hire/Section 3

When public funding is involved, these measures require the builder/General Contractor to hire a certain percentage of local workers and apprentices and build housing for low and very-low income residents.

Our Commitment

20/20 has worked on countless projects classified under these measures designed to serve low-income residents. The 20/20 team has the tools and experience necessary to be flexible, without sacrificing quality and regardless of budget. As an industry-leading plumbing and HVAC company, 20/20 Plumbing & Heating is committed to serving the housing needs of vulnerable and disadvantaged communities.