20/20 Plumbing and Heating Inc. Brings Safety Home

20/20 Plumbing and Heating, Inc. (20/20) was established in 2015 and became 100% employee owned in 2016. As an employee-owned company, we understand the importance of keeping our employee-owners safe and that good safety practices will lead to more successful outcomes for the organization. 20/20 believes there are three key elements that cultivate and promote a safe working environment for all staff, customers, vendors and guests: Training, Fleet Safety and a Safety Culture.


Training our employees to work safely is paramount. This begins with developing safety awareness, effectively helping employees to recognize the on-the-job hazards they may face. To achieve this, 20/20 conducts extensive training with all new hires through classroom instruction and hands-on training. Hands-on training takes place in our mock-up rooms, which were designed to simulate the tasks performed at job sites. An employee must demonstrate their ability to operate all tools and equipment in a safe manner before they can transition to the field.

Training continues in the field with weekly jobsite meetings to further reinforce the safe execution of work processes and procedures. Safety topics include, but are not limited to, specific jobsite tasks, equipment use, PPE, hazardous material, heat illness, fall protection and trenching. In addition, we have extensive in-house certification programs that include topics such as forklift training, first aid & CPR, various types of heavy equipment (such as boom lifts), OSHA-10, HAZCOM, fall protection and confined space.

Foremen are trained to properly manage jobsite safety and are designated as competent persons who can properly mitigate and correct hazardous issues. The competent person designation is achieved through various safety-training courses, including, but not limited to, first aid & CPR, OSHA-10, HAZCOM, ladder safety, PPE, and heat illness.

Fleet Safety

20/20 believes that safe operation of company vehicles protects both our employees and those with whom we share the road. Our commitment to safety begins with a qualification process in which the driving record of a potential driver is evaluated by a third party. This ensures that only those with a history of safe driving are allowed to operate our vehicles. Once an individual is approved, they receive training such as defensive driving, distracted driving, backing and parking, load securement and how to conduct a proper vehicle inspection (pre-trip & post-trip). Driver training is refreshed annually as well as on a remedial basis.

20/20 monitors driver activity through GEOTAB, which alerts management of infractions such as speeding, harsh braking, seat belt use and more. Driving reports are reviewed daily, and any infractions are immediately addressed and corrected. In addition, 2020 maintains a structured vehicle maintenance program that prevents accidents based on mechanical or other failures. Last, high-mileage vehicles are continually phased out of our fleet and replaced with newer and safer vehicles.

Safety Culture

Taking a proactive approach to safety has allowed 20/20 to build a positive safety culture that supports open communication. All members of management understand the importance of putting safety first because a workplace with minimal accidents is a more productive and successful environment for all. Employees are encouraged to voice their concerns and are not met with negativity for doing so. This open communication model allows issues to be identified and corrected before accidents happen. 

In addition, 20/20 has an active Safety Committee that helps to promote safety as well as inform members of management regarding safety concerns. Our Safety Committee includes representatives from all departments and locations, which allows 20/20 to ensure everyone’s voice is heard. The Safety Committee conducts a thorough root cause analysis of all accidents, oversees the safety recognition program and makes monthly recommendations to management regarding safety improvements. 20/20 also has a team of safety officers that work in the field daily inspecting job sites. These safety officers make sure that employees working in the field are compliant with 20/20 and Cal-OSHA standards. 20/20 further believes that safety and fleet safety programs create an environment where safety is the standard.

A Note From Our Safety Director

20/20 believes that ensuring an effective safety and fleet program for the workplace is one of the best decisions a company can make for its workers and its bottom line. We have invested in a team to ensure our company’s overall safety and fleet safety. Our goal is to hold our company to a higher standard, building a culture of “Safety First” through training and education of staff. 20/20 will not place a new employee into a position until the employee has received the proper training. All employees will be task trained before doing a particular job or using a certain tool. 20/20 has weekly safety meetings in the yards, warehouses and on all job sites. The 20/20 safety team conducts monthly, quarterly, annual and as-needed safety training.

Bottom line — we believe safety is a priority. When safety procedures and policies are operating effectively, and everyone is working together to minimize risk, the number of incidents in the workplace is greatly reduced.